Grooming bichon frise is a subject that always can be talked, and that never say enough!

First of all what every bichon frise owner or future owner need to know is that for nice grooming you need to have quality grooming tools.

Those are two grooming tools without who you just can’t do anything. Slicker brush is first in use. With this tool you will all bichons curls make straight. Afther that you can use poodle chomb, to pass in every part of the dog. Idea with chombing is that there is no any space on dogs hair where chomb cant pass. Chomb need to pass easily from the bottom of dog hair to the end. Only that way you can keep your dog without any mated spot!
If somethimes happens that your dog have some nodes, do not panic. You can use some additional product like de-mating spray or de mathing brush, to make that spots de-mated againg! Of course, some of hair will mising some time, until will grow again, but the most important thing is that you dont have this situation very often. The most important thing at bichon frise grooming is to have nice preparation. If your dog is well prepared, that grooming is very easy for you, but the most important for your dog!

Dog blaster – dryer is main tool when you groom bichon frise! Without this tool, you just can’t do anything. If you use some of human hair dryer you will have your dogs hair dry but, instead will be blusted, fluffy and nice, it will be congregated witch is opposite effect from the one we need! If you will dry nicely your dog with blaster, using slicker brush at the same time, you will have nice preparation for the final of grooming wich is sisscoring

Grooming bichon frise – Sisscoring is the finish of grooming process. There are 3 different type of grooming sisscores. Streinght, curved, and thining. All of them we need, to make one bichon perfect shape. There is two dimension wich are mostly used for bichons. 7 & 8 inch. If you are grooming beginer, you should start with 7 inch sisscores, wich can be nice solution for the start. Afther that you can find longer ones and try. You should be very patient cause grooming is process wich can be lurned for the one day. It will last long, and you need to lurn a lot, cause it is not easy to make nice bichon shape.

Bichon shape grooming by grooming profesor Mrs. Ana Beradisheva from Russia

This is view of perfect bichon frise shape! At the end of grooming process, one bichon frise nicely groomed should looks like this. So, this is the main aim, to get this shape. Of course, in begining, this will be almost imposibile, but with time, depending of talent you have, you will be every time closer and closer to this shape!