As this website in not only website home of one kennel, and i love to give to this website one education funkcion, i made decision to add this page on it. The next text is about how to buy bichon frise on right way, but it can be used in general for every other breed.

The main thing who had put me to made this text is that after 10 years in breeding this beautiful breed, i still see, that some people (so many people) dont know how to choice were to buy a bichon frise. So i hope so that many will lurn something from this text.

First of all, having a dog is very serious thing! The person who wanna own a dog, must be very serious, carefull, and must be very responsibile. And when you had decide to have, a dog, please you be aware that is not a childlish game! But, let’s see, what you do need to know about how to buy pure breed dog, as bichon frise!

Bichon frise kovrdzavi bisonWhen you had decide to buy pure breed dog, for example, bichon frise, you decided it because of breed caracteristics. So, you already know that bichon is small dog, with happy caracter, without any smell, wich have hair who not falls at all, who is very good with people, especialy with children, who is healthy, playfull, and on every other way is luxury dog! So, you wanna dog with the best caracteristics, like new model of the best BMW series car? So, why you had thinkings that you can gat dog in that class, at the price of some used, broken, old car?

I’m sure that when you need to buy anithing, what you will use in next 15 years or more, for example, car, fridge, coocker, or you need to renovate your bathroom, you definitely at the first start to collect information, about product or job you need to done! If I’m right, and you do this, than when you wanna buy live animal, wich will be part of your family for so many years, than you need to do research as never before! I wanna make you clear, that cost of veterinary servises are very high, no metter were you live, so, it is something that you should not risk. I’m also sure that you dont wanna instead of happy times, when you buy a dog have a hell, were you will have need to go to the ver very offten.

Kinology as a sience, or part of sience is available to anyone. And that is why very offten happens that person who have female Y, find person, who has male X, and done the mathing. Why people do that, it is mystery for me, but usualy thay say, it is good for a female health, or that “somenone” told them that female should be mated. First of all, female wich will never bee mated, and wich will never have puppies, if she will be sterilized at the right time, will not have any single healt problem, or will never have problem with behavior. As the second, with that kind of mathing the funkcion of breeder is given to person whih dont know anything about breeding. This is something similar, like someone will give me truck to drive, and i dont have driving licence, or i dont have driving skils. The result of driving like this for sure is that i will have crush very quicly! In this view, crush will have the person who will be the owner of a dog from this kind of inadequate breeding. Tha main problem is that person who have Y female, for that female will search male X wich is very near and very available. Will not go somewere far to get a stud dog which will be suitable for that female, and that person dont even know what it means to find a suitable stud dog for a female. At the end, that person is not even conscious that with that kind of mathing can be create new puppies, new lifes, wich can be very non-healthy, and access to mathing like it is not “big-thing” or like it is chidlish game, and it is not at all! Creating a new life is not a child game, and that is not thing that everyone sould do!

Bichon frise kovrdzavi bisonWhen you buy a dog from a breeder, you dont buy only the dog. With that dog you are buying all breeders knowlage, all breeders work in the past, wich he is keeping in his lines, maybe by the years and years. Get a dog form real and responsable breeder it is means that you can have a sweet dreams without thinking that anything will be wrong. That also means that you will get a dog from a person who very well knows wich two dogs need to be mated, and why. Trustable breeder have in mind all the pedigress and lines without need to look at the paper. The real breeder will go very far to find a suitable stud dog for his female, if it is need he can go trough thousands of kilometers or miles. Real breeder will not use same male, and done some mathing only because it is confortable, or some male is available and very close. True breeder, always have breed standard at mind, constantly lurns about the breed, even if he already have some knowlage, it is person wich have breeding plan, sometimes for a next few years. Trustable and etichal breeder will not have litters very offten, do not mate his female at every heat, and he is constantly invest in his dogs, brought new bloodlines, and takes very well care about his old dogs, wich are not part of breeding program anymore. And, at the end, the ethical breeder is person who devoted her entire life to dogs!

Now, we had the main point and main question, why the pure breed dog puppie, like bichon frise, cant cost 100, 200 or 300 eur? The answer is very simple! – Because cost of that kind of breeding are very higher than that price! And no one, and once again no one, cant produce pure blood breed dog in that price.

Bichon frise kovrdzavi bisonI really dont wont that this aricle becames accunting presentation of successful breeding, i must present few facts, about how much true breeding costs. First of all, some person wich will breed, need to have nice female, and to buy her. Nice, pure breed female have very high price. After that, he need to feed her, takes her to the vet, care about her, work with her, takes to groomer, pay for nice cosmetics, takes her to the shows wich needs cost for a roads and fuel, and for show takses, and championates. After more that two, let say almoust three years, that female can be mated and she can have puppies. Now, that person needs to go to right male, and pay stud fee, for a male. When puppies comes to the world and before during the pregnancy, there is a lot of vet costs, vacines, food for puppies. Work with the female, and puppies, i dont count, time, and force one breeder will put in whole this “system” to provide puppies. And when all will be fine, at the world comes, few puppies. Average litter counts three or four puppies, so i hope so that now you can clearly see that price of puppies cant be low.

Excuse wich people usualy gives when thay will buy puppie from uncontrolled breeding, is that thay do not wont a puppie for show, thay just need a puppie for a pet, so thay will buy puppie of bicnon frise wich haves parent who are real bichon fise, but thay have never went to shows! This is something very simmilar that you will tell, that Ronalnino is not the best football player in the world, because the best one is the some Jimmy form some willage, but the only thing is that Jimmy had never ever play some game!

One of the simillar excuse of a person who willl buy puppie from uncontrolled breeding that thay do not plan to take that puppie for a shows, never-ever. That is the simillar like you will say i will buy cheap and old car, not the new one, cause i dont need to drive fast! The dog titles are not just dog titles wroten on papers. Every dog title is given by national or intenational judge who have a lot of knowlage and a lot of experiance, and can estimate the value of one dog, and every title more is the recomendation more for that dog to be breed one day.

Bichon frise kovrdzavi bisonAt the end, buying puppie from uncontroled breeding is very risky, and you are helping the people who are done breeding like that, and should not breed dogs at all, to keep doing it. One of very dangerous categories of non etichal breeders are the persons who constantly doing breeding, maybe by the years, and thay talking for thairself that thay are breders, but thay are dont know much about breed, dont know much about breeding, do not put thair money, time to improve thay breeding, very often they dont go to the shows, because they dont wanna give to much money. Thay only aim is to have breeding who will not cost to much, and with that kind of low-cost breeding, they can keep more money for thairself, and usualy that goes prejudicial fot that dog which they breed. That kind of breeders, in past times, becames more and more imaginative when they put thair comercial at the internet, so you will find some “mini bichons”, or you will find “king bichons”, or something simillar, and all this wrightings have only one aim to be more atractive for potential puppie buyers.

Puppies and after dogs wich comes from that kind of breeding, usualy dont looks like it shoud be that breed looks. But it is not the main thing will that puppie will have longer muzzle, or will be higher than breed standard, or will have poor hair on not, the most important thing is that there is not guarantie that dog will be healthy! So that kind of dogs usualy are not healthy, and have so many problems, especialy afther 4 years old and more. Good pedigree wich you will get from true breeder is not only something wroten at the paper, it is true garantie that the dog will be healthy, and that in breeding that dog you have ancestors who are healthy, and have been healthy!

Genetics is strong and powerfull, and it is going back to nineth generation, and true breeder will use only healthy dogs in breeding!

True breeder will wont to know, who you are, for what neeed you wanna have dog, and can you give nice life and care to that dog in the future. Also, true breeder will be there for you for every situation will be in future, always with you during growing a puppie, and afther, to the whole dogs life, if you will need some advices, and have some dillema.

Bichon frise kovrdzavi bisonWhen we are talking about famous brands world wide wich are prestigious like Mercedes, Versace, Siemens….etc…those are companies wich have different jobs, but the one think that conects them, and makes them famous and trustable, is tradicion! And when you coice some of this famous brends you are sure that you will have quality because thay have proven thair quality trough the time! The same thing is with dog breeders, you need to be carefull and coice some breeder wich have tradicion in breeding. Whatc out how are the dogs of that person already breed and sold. Who are puppie buyers of that breeder, were are puppes sold. Do that sold puppies are shown, and do thay have some nice show results? Also, one of the prove of how much one breeder is successful is how much other breeders have got puppies and dogs from him, and use his dogs in the breeding. When some breeder get a dog from other breeder and use in breeding, that is the big prove of that breeding quality!
One more important thing is that trustable breeders dont have litters very often. So, it depends of a moment, how quicly you can have puppie you wonted. Do not let your impatience be stronger, and to buy puppie somewere you dont need to buy and from some nice thing evrerything becames like true hell! If you wanna have reall pure breed puppie, contact the breeder, and ask for a breeding plan, and you will find how much you need to wait for a puppie. Have enough patience, and you will have what you wonted. Good luck!

With love, regards,
Milos Kuzmanovic
Made by Angel kennel

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