“A2” – litter is here! 2 boys & two girls. Date of birth 20.2.2023. We have puppies available!

Diamella Narnia
made by Angel

Father of many champions! #1 Stud dog. International & Multi champion

Diamella King
of Sugar Temptation

Puppy Europian Winner 2021
Multi Junior Champion, Junior Club Winner, Multi.Champion.

Diamella Illusion Dream made by Angel

International & Multi Champion, Europian Winner son

The “Made by Angel” story, as well as the most stories in the world of dogs, has begun spontaneously. I am a graduate engineer of environmental technologies by education, and by the interest I’m a naturalist and a cynologist. The year 2010, after a long time, I again wanted to have a dog. This time the choice was a Bichon Frise, a breed which initially has got my attention by its exterior, and then by temperament. That love lasts even today and will last forever. Honey was the first one to come to my life, and not long after her, came Crystal. The interest in shows has The “Made by Angel” story, as well as the most stories in the world of dogs, has begun led to a serious dedication to cinology, and each day I keep learning more and more. Today, I consider myself as a fully molded breeder who has got a clear goal and direction in which way to go. In Serbia, I have created three completely new blood lines of the breed. In breeding, I have used the world champions two times. The first male to come to my life is Lordi, from the World’s best Bichon Kennel, Diamella from Finland. From Diamella Kennel I have introduced a completely new bloodline to Serbia and to this part of Europe. The Diamella Kennel has been intensively breeding since 1988 year. The dogs which I have bred, have got many titles, excellent results, and now live all over Europe as well as Serbia. I am the first breeder of Bichon Frise from Serbia, who has sold a dog to USA, where one beautiful female is living, being taken care by one of serious kennels. I am in constant communication with all the owners of dogs which I have bred and with some of them I have become a very good friend. My vision is to breed typical bichons, dogs which can compete with dogs from abroad at major competitions, but above all to be healthy, happy dogs that will go to good homes. Also, I am constantly working on education of people, by participating on TV shows, writing articles about the breed for various magazines, and the web presentation, which I hope you will use the for the acquisition of knowledge, as well as for entertainment and joy.

Our new superstar from Belarus