Grooming bichon frise is a subject that always can be talked, and that never say enough!


First of all what every bichon frise owner or future owner need to know is that for nice grooming you need to have quality grooming tools.

Those are two grooming tools without who you just can’t do anything. Slicker brush is first in use. With this tool you will all bichons curls make straight. Afther that you can use poodle chomb, to pass in every part of the dog. Idea with chombing is that there is no any space on dogs hair where chomb cant pass. Chomb need to pass easily from the bottom of dog hair to the end. Only that way you can keep your dog without any mated spot!
If somethimes happens that your dog have some nodes, do not panic. You can use some additional product like de-mating spray or de mathing brush, to make that spots de-mated againg! Of course, some of hair will mising some time, until will grow again, but the most important thing is that you dont have this situation very often. The most important thing at bichon frise grooming is to have nice preparation. If your dog is well prepared, that grooming is very easy for you, but the most important for your dog!

Coming each dog into the family is a great joy, but also a duty and responsibility. Such a decision must be reached thorough, not hasty, with this decision should match all family members. However, it is important to note that some breeds of dogs require more care than others. Bichon falls into the category of dogs, that will require time and money to make it look the way it deserves every bichon. We all fall in love with the breed, on the Internet or at shows, watch dogs in the hair, as the true representatives of the breed. Unfortunately, it often happens that the owners of Bichon initially foster dog, but later changed their minds, they see that it takes time and requires effort and then reached for a method that I personally can not stand, and this method is called ” machine “. In this way, bichon looks anything but like a true representative of his breed. Another kind of line of least resistance, in this sense, it is a situation where the dog have so much nodes because of none regular brushing and gets dirty and unkempt, which favors the development of various diseases, infections….

If you decide to bichon frise become a part of your life, be prepared that you will have to combing it daily. (Some day it may make an exception, in certain situations, but not last longer than two days). To wash him on average once every 10 days (this period is sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, depending on whether the dog is prepared for exhibition in the period, and depending on the intensity of dirt, according to the season or the weather) that he has regularly trimed nails, rip the hair out of his ears (very important for the health of the dog), to provide nutrition, especially during growing, quality veterinary care and cosmetic products that will be appropriate for their specific hair. Haircut dog periodically, depending on many factors. Of course, all of this for you can do professional (groomer), but in that case the bill will be much higher.

Since we all live in a time of economic crisis, think well, if you can buy and afford Bichon, because the cost of buying a dog, is just the first in a series of costs that would follow.

Also, consider well whether you’re willing to change your lifestyle for the sake of a pet. Although it is a small dog, bichon may require quite long walks several times a day. An ideal situation is when a dog comes into a family where everyone is going to love him both and take care of him. Then obligations are not so big and having a dog become a real pleasure.



What is first noticeable at every exhibition Bison is the coat. When to see an exhibition of beautifully cultivated dog breed, you need to know that behind this hard work. Whether you’re interested in the show or not, if you want your dog to have bichon hair style that always looks like a true representative of his breed, you have to put in some effort, and finances. Everything that you choose for professional groomer, you know that it’s just the finish, and before that, just you have to be the ones who will keep the bichon in shape, always clean, perfect hair combings, no knots, so that could easily groomer to do its job and that the effect is maximized. Here’s what the equipment will be required:

Slicker Brush.

This is one of the basic tools used in everyday care bison. Slicker brush manufacturers recommend “Doggy men”, because it is extremely soft, and will not sting your pet, it is very important, especially in the beginning when your dog is still getting used to the grooming. These brushes are available in two or three sizes, and you will choose, depends only on yourself, because each can do the job just as well, just a matter of patience and precision. There are also slicker brushes “triangular” shape, for harder reachable areas.

Poodle comb.

 This comb is one of the main tools, which are also used on a daily basis. This is important because it is precisely the tool that will allow your dog to don’t have nodes. Good combing the grounds care bison. In my experience, this comb will not necessarily be branded as even some pretty affordable combs, may be the perfect choice. It is important that the length of the teeth is adequate, and I personally prefer, there are also heavier and less common Tines, because with such a comb to achieve the best effect.

Detangling spray

In the exchange of experience with some of the breeder, I heard that this spray they use very often. Personally, I have it with me, but do not use it every day, but only in exceptional situations, when I notice some node on the dog. This is a spray that really helps to detangle easier problematic nodes, but if you regularly maintain your dog, then you will not need to use it often, although it is preferable to have it with me. There is also a multi-vendor, and my recommendations are the brand’s All Systems or Ice on Ice.

Nail trimmer

To polish your pet always kept neat and tidy, you have to have a special “guillotine” for nails or special pliers that also serve the same purpose, however, I strongly recommend that your choice is a guillotine, because with it, in my opinion, the easiest way to cut nails, since this is a business that is very delicate and requires a specific approach, and the difference in price between these two tools is minimal possible.

Tweezers ear

This is a special forceps used for pulling the hair out of the ears of your pet. It is extremely important that your pet hairs are always impeccably removed from the ears, to avoid creating the basis for the development of various parasites in the ear canals. Not all Bichons are equally strong and thick hairs in the ears, and in some bichons are very easy to remove, even with quite ordinary tweezers.

Protection against ticks and fleas.

 To protect your dog from ticks promptly and fleas, I recommend that you use vials Frontline Combo, which have proved most helpful to me personally, but maybe your dog, another drug manufacturers be more appropriate. Also, dogs need regular, periodic cleaning of intestinal parasites, tablet, which is very affordable and has to be bought at any pet shop.

Grooming table

 It is very important that your pet is comfortable while combing it. This table is specially designed for that purpose. There are models with wheels (as shown), which are suitable for exhibitions, as folding and wheels make transport. This is one of the major expenses that many owners may seem unnecessary, but only if you put a dog on the table, and took care of a dog on it, you would realize how much it would be easier and your pet and you. Certainly, with this table, you can achieve good effect associated with getting used to your dog’s regular care. Essentially, in the beginning, this table can improvise, and its role can have any of your existing table, but it is important that this table has an optimal height, sufficient surface area, and to be absolutely stable, so that your pet feel safe while standing on him.


 If you decide to learn grooming shears will be absolutely indispensable tool. One of the biggest misconceptions is that beginners can properly trim a dog with amateur or even “any” scissors. Scissors must be professional. Specially made for the purpose of cutting the dog. There are several dimensions (length) scissors. For full effect, using the straight shears, curved shears and scissors with blunt tip, specifically designed for the eye area dog. Even if you decide to entrust a professional dog clipper, as the owner of Bison, it is desirable to have at least one house, flat, scissors.


 After each bath, it is thoroughly dried dog. Cuddly bison hair, requires a special approach and special combing technique during the blow drying to the hair straightened. After drying, the hair does not stay wet, dripped or even, as in this case, it will not stay flat. Regular (human) Hairdryer can be good enough in terms of regular weekly maintenance of hygiene, but not good enough to make the exhibition hairstyles. If you decide to use an ordinary hair dryer, make sure the hair has more heat levels, because the bichon must use strict “tepid” wave, which patiently drying dog, otherwise, hot tap can eventually ruin dog hair and your dog certainly will not be quiet, and will not feel comfortable, they will bring in other types of problems, the dog might not be able to get used to the ritual of styling (and bathing), which must be carried out regularly.