Yanviol Level Up

Junior Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Croatia
Champion of Montenegro
Club Winner

Eyes Clear
Patella 0/0

Yanviol Level Up is a dog who came here from Belarus kennel named Yanviol. His breeder is our dear friend MS. Olga Yankovskaya. Level have very interesting pedigree, were there is Junior WORLD WINNER as father and WORLD WINNER as grandfather from mother-side. Curiosity is that both of that dogs are coming from the same kennel from Norway, called Petit-Ami’s and makes inbreeding witch is bingo for Level who got all the best from that genes. Level is dog with a beautiful appearance and really he is taking breath away. He definitely is one of the best movers in the breed! When he is walking you cant stop looking and him.We expecting much from him while is here. Level is our guest here and after he complete his mission here, he will go to his forever home, in Indonesia were his owner Yosi Elberta is waiting for him!