Diamella Narnia made by Angel

International Champion
Junior Champion of Serbia
Champion of Serbia
Grand champion of Serbia
Champion of Macedonia
Grand Champion of Macedonia
Champion of Turkey
Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Romania

#1 Stud Champion

Health Test:
Eyes Clear
Patella 0/0

Diamella Narnia made by Angel, aka Lordi, is male wich is my first import from abroad, from Finland. In a search for good stud male for my females, and my kennel, I wonted the best, and i choice Diamella kennel, wich exist 25 years. Lordis breeder Jaana Karenmaa-Nurminen is lady who breed bichon frise for 25 years, and keeps line that she had produced. So Lordi behind him has 7 females named Diamella. That is big recomendation for his quality. Jaana in her show carier got all best titles so many times, so she had world winners, junior world winners, she took best breeders group on world dog show…etc…etc..  Lordi is born on 7.2.2015.Lordis father is out of Petit-Ami’s kennel from Norway, wich is also one of the best in the world, so I hope so Lordi will continue that tradicion. He is very cheerful, with strong caracter, and all the best characteristics of bichon frise breed. Once more time I must say, that I really am so happy and excided having him in my own kennel, and I’m looking forward to have him as a stud male in my own breeding. Once more time I must say thanks to Jaana Karenmaa-Nurminen for having really big trust in me, and allowing me to be Lordi’s owner. Lordi already had enter in show ring, and had grate judge comments, but his show carier is just on the beginning.

Lordi is first bichon frise in Serbia who got title champion of reproduction (stud champion) who is given only to dogs who produce high number of champion ofspring! This title is something that makes us maximaly proud!