Our results from NDS CAC Sivac judged by Mr.Stevan Perić toy breed specialist, Yanviol Level Up, CAC – New CHAMPION of Serbia, congrats to owner Yosi Elberta and her lovely family Umar Luther, from Indonesia. Proud breeder is Ольга Янковская, also CAC got Kio Rigata Hurricane, breed by Tatyana Kulichkovskaya and Tauro Sarasota, breed by Janita Januskauskaite-Plunge and Tauras Plunge. Sara & Level together best couple II.

My beautiful boy, Diamella King of Sugar Temptation ( Ame Jumelle Quebec X Diamella Underneath your Clothes) is back home from extended show weekend trip in Montenegro and Bosnia & Hercegovina, were he had 6 dog show in 4 days, and became champion of Montenegro, and champion of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Thanks to best handler Sasa Grujic for showing King in the best way and to Foto BobisXa studio, for professional photos, this is pure ART! (More to come). King is breed by Diamella kennel from Finland.

20.5.2023 at NDS CAC Zmajevo, under judge Stefan Rosteco Dimitrijevic we got two CAC, one for Tauro Sarasota breed by Janita Januskauskaite-Plunge and Tauras Plunge at the left side of photo, and second from Yanviol Level Up breed by Ольга Янковская and owned by Yosi Elberta and her lovely family Umar Luther from Indonesia, at the right side of photo.

Our trip to Croatia, show weekend 13 & 14.5.2023  two CACIB SHOWS and Speciality for Bichon Breeds, and our results are: Hermione Made by Angel 3 X JCAC, JBOB, new junior champion of Croatia, with only 9 months and two days old, with JBISS given by expert judge Aleksandra Palumo, on bichon breed speiality show. Yanviol Level Up got 3 X CAC and Club Winner title, and together with Tauro Sarasota was best couple on bichon breed speciality also given by Aleksandra Palumbo.

6.5.2023 Toy Dog Show Speciality in Belgrade. Judge Lisbeth Mach, and our results are Devils Lawyer Made by Angel, Very Promising, Hermione Made by Angel, Very Promising, Puppy BOB, and Yanviol Level Up, Excellent V1, Open Class. Level and Hermione together was best couple 2nd place and Made by Angel kennel was best kennel.

23.04.2023 IDS CACIB Natalinci, Serbia. And we have amazing results. Yanviol Level Up, breed by Ольга Янковская was CAC, CACIB & BOB and shortlisted in 5 top dog of very strong IX group! Level is owned by my dear Yosi Elberta and her family Umar Luther from Indonesia! Thanks people for your trust, and for appreciate my effort!  Tauro Sarasota breed by Janita Januskauskaite-Plunge & Tauras Plunge had amazing performance and got CAC & r.CACIB. Also there was Ice Cream Vanilla Made by Angel, breed by me and owned by dear  Katerina Isaevska who took CAC & CACIB title, and became champion of Serbia! Also Level and Sara together was best in show couple II ! Judge was Mica Mladenovic & Boban Andjelkovic. Thanks to Dejan Spasic for company, help and photos! And of course thanks a lot to Milica Grujić for professional and fair judging and detailed description of my dogs! It was a pleasure to be in your ring! More photos and videos to come!

16.4.2023 IDS CACIB Loznica, Serbia. Our results, from left to right on the photo, female, Kio Rigata Hurricane, CAC, CACIB, breeder Tatyana Kulickovskaya Latvia, and on the right side of the photo Diamella King of Sugar Temptation CAC, rCACIB.

More news from this extended weekend are coming from Bosnia & Herzegovina. 3 & 4.4.2023 – Yanviol Level Up (JWW. Petit-Ami’s Undercover Boss X Multi.Ch.Inter.Ch.Bis Yanviol Glora Dei) became the brand new Champion of Bosnia & Herzegovina with 3XCAC 2XCACIB and 3XBOB! This is Level’s very first serious CH title! Thanks to Sasa Grujic for handling! Judges was, Mr.Ivan Jukic, Mr.Ivan Karacic & Mr. Pero Celebic! Proud owner is Yosi Elberta and her lovely family Umar Luther and proud breeder is my dear Ольга Янковская ❤ Photo by maestro Pantovic Srdjan

1 & 2.4.2023 We have HOT news from Montenegro. At two CACIB dog shows in Kotor, Diamella Illusion Dream made by Angel aka Darude, was 2XCAC, 2XCACIB and  2XBOS and with this title he became brand new INTERATIONAL CHAMPION!

2.4.2023. The most beautiful couple of NDS CAC Sid in Serbia! On the left – Kio Rigata Hurricane (Petit-Ami’s Norwegian Troll X About Fudzi San Whitemantra) CAC and BOS, breeder Tatyana Kulichkovskaya and on the right Puppy European Winner, Multi Junior Champion, Junior Club Winner – Diamella King of Sugar Temptation r.CAC. breeder Jaana Karenmaa-Nurminen. Thanks a lot to judge Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic Thanks a lot to Dejan Spasic for this beautiful photo!

Show season 2023 officially started for us!
25.3.2023 – Today at IDS CACIB Bogatic, Yanviol Level Up (JWW Petit-Ami’s Undercover Boss X Multi.Ch. Yanviol Gloria Dei), first time in intermediate class, CAC, CACIB and BOS! Level just started his journey to international champion title, with exceptional movement, as always! Video will come soon! Level is breed by my dear  Ольга Янковская and is owned by Yosi Elberta and her lovely family Umar Luther who gave trust to me to train, groom and show him! Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot to toy expert judge Sinisa Sancanin from Serbia, who recognized all quality of Level! Thanks to all fellows for nice company today!