Queen Made by Angel Diamond Paradise

Junior Champion of Serbia
Multi BOB & Bog Winner

Bichon frise Queen is a lady who arrived in our kennel directly from Poland in 2018. Queen came as a result of many years of cooperation with the Polish Diamond Paradise Kennel, wich already has our male. To mutual satisfaction, we have the opportunity to bring Queen to Serbia, which has a completely new bloodline for these areas, and we expect many, both in exhibitions and in breeding.

Her full name is Queen made by Angel Diamond Paradise, and she has surnames as kennels from Poland, as well as our kennel, for which we are particularly grateful to Mrs. Dorothy Kadzela of Poland, who has honored us with this gesture.

Queen was born on 2.4.2018 year. Her father is Nik Diamond Tory Magic Power and mother Diva Diamond Paradise Anfaresz. In the background of this parental couple, bloodlines are predominantly from Norway and Finland, as well as several dogs from the United States.

Queen with her exterier already promises good potential, since she is distinguished by a very good musculature and substance, good angles, wide chest, excellent quality of hair, proportions, length of the neck, and excellent character.