Eleftheria Made by Angel

Junior Champion of Serbia

Health tests:
Cataract free
Patella 0/1

Eleftheria Made by Angel – Ria is female out of out breeding wich makes us very proud! She came to this world as we needed a new female out of her mama. Her mama is Cassiopeia Bright Star aka Crystal, wich is very much famous world wide, and female who had a lot of show sucsses and gaves a lot of a beautiful puppies to us. We did not wonted that Crystal end up her breeding carier before we leve her dauter in the kennel, who could make the same sucsses, even more than her mama. So we have a need for a girl, out of Crystal, wich will be suitable for our male Lordi, one day! So, we started to look for a male who will be just right papa for our Ria. And we choice Jack – Pamplona What’s It All About! Jack cames from Pamplona kennel from England. It is a bichon frise kennel with a lot sucsses, by the decades. Espeicaly one of the famous dogs was Jack’s father. And in the moment when we mated our Crystal with Jack, he was 7 years old, and alredy had a litters, and gives nice females, who had a nice show cariers. So we did not wont to do anything wrong, and we was right! Wa had pray for a female, and she came to world! As her father is from England, our first idea was that she will have name Engish Girl made by Angel, but, as we wonted to give her little of fire, and exotic in the name, we choise a greek one! So she became Eleftheria made by Angel wich means freedom, or the girl who is always free.

Ria is a female wich have all what one bichon frise breeder can wont from a female! From her first steps, a lot of europian breeders wonted her, but we stayed strong in decision that she is only for us, and that she will stay in kennel, as a new reinforcement! She has strong bonese, excellent angles, perrfect top and down line, she is very well mover, and have very nice hair. Also, what makes her more than a perfect is whole head, with a more than beautiful face expresion! So we expect that Ria will be female who will be very much famous world wide!