Puppy Mills are literally farm of dogs. In the canine world, today they are a big problem. These are places where dogs are bred in inhumane conditions, without basic care, all in order to lower costs and higher profits dogs holder (another term I really can not use). This phenomenon exists in developed countries, but our country is not exempt. Four eyes open is needed, when you buy a dog, of any breed. These are people with no morals, scruples, often without interest, quite unfulfilled people, who have found an easy way of income in breeding. Farm dogs have the right to torture animals. Generally held somewhere “back yard”, very rarely visit, the animals were left to themselves, and get food and water, just enough to be able to survive. In such circumstances,can not live healthy dogs. Female have litters twice a year, because a male or males, always are in the same “basket” with females, which are generally more numerous, because making a profit. In such conditions, often resultingpuppies from very close incest. The puppy that was born so exhausted and inadequately cared female, definitely will not be healthy.

For many people is difficult to understand why a true purebred dog has to have a higher cost, but due to lack of information of people, there is a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, the pure-bred dog, of any race, who was born in good conditions, cant be bought for 100 or 200 euros, and etc. With that price, no one breeder who provided to dog proper care, can have the ability to pay even the minimum costs. It is vital, when buying your dog, you can see both parents or the mother, if the male is not the same kennel, but you must see conditions in which dog or dogs live. If your “breeder” from who you wont to buy a puppy refuses to show any of the above, that is the first sign that something is wrong.

A true breeder will listen you, tell you whatever youwont to know, explain, demonstrate, and then talk about the price, since he is satisfiedpossible buyer of puppy. The right breeder is not only keen to sell a puppy, but he is primarily concerned to a puppy that he raised has a happy life with lots of love and all the necessary care and attention.
When you buy a dog, you should know that buying a living thing that will be your life companion for the next many years. My advice for everyone wait for a better time, gather a little more money and buy the right dog in the right place, which will be absolutely healthy and grow just in dog witch you wonted. Buy a dog with a “farm” who did not had adequate care, as well as his parents, often means that you will have a dog that “buy and veterinarians,” which in the end turns out to be dramatically higher than initial cost, and time to think about it, what you do.

Since the dwarf breeds of dogs, and more popular lately, as many dogs can fit in a smallish cage and similar atrocities, they are often attacked by the people who wont to have easy profit.