The principles of our breeding:

My kennel founded as a something that comes from love and includes only love. So, i have high standards in everything I am doing with the dogs, especialy in breeding. I have i lot of principles wich I follow in breeding, but this time i will let you know the ones i think are the most important ones:

  1. The dogs live with me in house, share the same space with me, were i live, sleep, work….
  2. Dogs eat only superpremium quaily food, the best cosmetics, and going only to the best veterinary
  3. I am not searching for a new homes for Veterans. Veterans stay with me, and enjoy in their happy life
  4. In breeding I am using only dogs with famous bloodlines, wich ancestors are well known for the years
  5. Before breeding every dog have done health tests on genetically transmitted diseases
  6. In breeding i am using only dogs with a typical caracter for the breed (happy & playfull)
  7. Puppies are not going to new homes befeore all process of imunisation is fully done, never-ever before 3 months old
  8. One female can have puppies maximaly 4 times in her life